Hotel cleaning — [the best] hotel cleaning in NYC -

Hotel cleaning — [the best] hotel cleaning in NYC

Where we come from: Hotel Cleaning offers daily room cleaning as well as advanced cleaning services such as tile and grout washing.

Room cleaning includes:

Basic cleaning, which includes garbage collection, making the bed, cleaning the floor/carpets, light dusting and cleaning the toilets while guests are currently in the rooms.

Deep cleaning, which includes tasks such as disinfecting bathrooms and changing bed linen after guests leave.

There are countless hotels in New York, and each of them strives to attract regular customers. For this, cleanliness is of paramount importance. Otherwise, the guests will stay for one night and never come back, or they will do even worse and leave bad reviews about your hotel on the Internet. Fortunately, our commercial cleaning services can help make your home away from home a place where people will not only return, but also tell their friends and family about it.

We at Hotel Cleaning are hotel cleaning experts and we will respect your property by helping to improve the quality and potential of your facility.


1. What is the cleaning frequency of hotel cleaning? It depends on your wishes and requirements. We provide cleaning services for our hotel on a regular and one-time basis. We can clean your hotel daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly at your request.

2. Can you clean an entire hotel or multiple hotels? Yes, we provide our hotel clients with full hotel or multiple hotel cleaning options. Contact our managers to get more information.

3. When can Hotel Cleaning clean? We can clean your hotel during whatever time you wish.

4. How can I pay for your hotel cleaning service? You can easily pay for our hotel cleaning service with your bank card.

5. How far will House Cleaning travel for house cleaning in Brooklyn? We’re ready to take our house cleaning in Brooklyn on the road. From Queens to The Bronx to Staten Island, we’re ready to get to work.

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