Nuru massage — maximum pleasure from beautiful girls in NYC -

Nuru massage — maximum pleasure from beautiful girls in NYC

What is Nuru Massage?

Are you feeling inspired yet? Well, what could be more stimulating than two naked bodies rubbing up against one another? Full body to body sensual massage is much more tantalising than your typical oil massage. Using the whole body to relieve pressure points and deliver supreme satisfaction is a huge turn on. In fact, two bodies working together in this way will lead to extreme arousal like nothing you’ve ever experienced. You know what that means? Take things to the next level for explosive gratification!

The reasons for enjoying Nuru are anything but shallow! Explore every inch of your playmate’s body, using only your own, and gain an all-new perspective on how they look and feel. The comfort and intimacy required for this type of activity allows you to connect on a much deeper emotional level. Your bodies will work in sync as you enjoy a new realm of fun together and learn how to pleasure using your entire body. So why not turn your hand to something new? Trust us; it’s going to be emotional!

You may feel naughty, but there’s nothing bad about this massage! On top of being supremely sexual, Nuru massage also carries with it numerous health benefits. The unique formula is rich in vitamins and nutrients that work to hydrate the skin, improve its elasticity, disperse fatty deposits, and prevent cellulite. It also contains ingredients proven to improve circulation. The massage itself is exceptionally good for soothing muscular aches, improving circulation, reducing stress, and boosting the immune and digestive system. So, who said what we enjoy can’t be good for us?

Have you come to your senses yet? A celebration of the senses; Nuru massage works best when you incorporate some scented candles, music, dimmed lighting, or even rose petals. The senses are immediately awakened and aroused as that sumptuous gel is slowly poured all over the naked body. In addition, you are much more sensitive to every satisfying stroke, as this is what your attention is solely focussed on. Every single sensation and reaction is intensified as your full capacity for enjoyment is unlocked. So, why not add a touch of sensuality to your play?

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